Welcome to VeganWheels. We are a cooperative of bike-riders with a passion for animal welfare and the environment; this is why we deliver exclusively for vegan businesses and only by bicycle. All our profits are donated to animal charities. By ordering from us, you can be sure not a penny of your money will go towards exploitation, animal or human.

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A new platform for Glasgow's vegan community

More than a delivery service

We not only aim to provide an amazing delivery service, but also a platform for Glasgow’s vegan community to communicate and share ideas that will help the vegan movement grow and improve the quality of life for animals.

Easy to join and use

When you sign up we ask for some key information, such as your email, mobile number and address. None of your information will be shared with anyone outside of Veganwheels. We strongly believe in data privacy.

Eat well, feel good

By signing up for our platform you will be able to order from vegan restaurants based in Glasgow that are not usually available for home delivery. And you will be helping to improve animal welfare at the same time.

About us

About us

Hola Peeps! Our aim is to encourage more people to follow a plant-based diet, whether it be making it easier for those who already do or for those who want to but aren’t sure just how easy and delicious it is. So naturally, joining up all the vegan eateries in Glasgow with a delivery service seemed a good start, but what we really want is for the vegan community to communicate and show how creative and welcoming it is; that way, we can grow as a community and progress as a movement. It’s up to each and every one of us to get involved, whether that be full-on organisation of events or activism, or just talking to one another and putting a few ideas out there about what would benefit our community. So whatever thoughts you have, no matter how grand or small, reach out and let us know. We’re just starting out and learning as we go so we’d be grateful for any feedback to make sure we keep getting better. 

Our aim is to of course have every vegan scranary in Glasgow onboard so if your favourite one isn't up, rest assured we are working hard to make it happen. If you see that a restaurant is open but unavailable for deliveries, this will be due to them being too busy to make your order up and have us deliver to you within 50mins. Please check in again with us after a few minutes to see if deliveries are available again.

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